We are your partners in maintaining your oral health. PJ Dentals, Best Dental Clinic in Chennai, makes you smile in every manner possible with top-notch specialists, cutting-edge technology, and a pleasant atmosphere. 

PJ Dentals

You deserve world-class, feted dentistry for you and your family. The best dental clinic in Chennai, PJ Dentals, offers a wide variety of comprehensive dental services all under one roof for your convenience.

Our Services

As the best dental clinic in Chennai, we give all of our treatments and services in a relaxing, spa-like setting that
has been developed to meet high quality standards.

Dental Implants

Helps to restore missing teeth and prevent the loss of jawbone.  

Dental Bonding

Correct imperfections with your teeth to give you a better-looking smile.

Dental Crowns

Teeth can be strengthened, their original shape restored, and their appearance improved. Also used to secure dental bridges and cover dental implants. 


Fills the gap between missing teeth while supporting your teeth, surgical implants, or a combination of teeth and implants. 

Cosmetic Fillings

With the aid of a bonding chemical, the new teeth adhere to the old ones to resemble natural teeth. 


A series of custom-fitted, removable aligners that are undetectable and pleasant are used to gradually reposition your teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin covers that are placed on the front of crooked, poorly formed, or significantly discolored teeth. 

Teeth Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and they are the only way to remove tartar. 


Removable dental appliances that can be used to replace missing teeth. There are complete and partial dentures available for teeth that look natural. 

Root Canal Therapy

 Dental procedure that is used to heal infected or damaged teeth rather than extracting them.  

Teeth Whitening

A revolutionary, customized varnish solution for whitening teeth without having to use a tray. 

Tooth Extractions

The extraction of a tooth from its bone socket. If your tooth is so badly injured that it cannot be repaired with a dental treatment, you may need to have it extracted. 

Our Mission

As the best dental clinic in Chennai, we strive to provide a caring and courteous atmosphere for all. Our primary objective is to educate, motivate, and build long-term connections with patients who are happy to be a part of this journey and show enthusiasm by accepting long-term health responsibility. 

 It is our goal to serve the community not just by providing the best dental treatment available, but also by modeling a caring, happy, and pleasurable atmosphere to visit and work. 

Our Vision

PJ Dentals is dedicated to offering our patients high-quality, courteous professional services as well as the option to receive high-quality dental care at a reasonable cost. 

Each of our dental professionals works hard to give patients with options for treatment that are tailored to their specific needs. We achieve this by discussing your problems and collaborating with you to attain oral health and a beautiful smile. 

Dental Payments made easy!

We provide a range of convenient payment options, making your dental experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • Options to convert payments into EMI.
  • Patients can directly pay the EMI to the bank.
  • Credit/ Debit card payment options available.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few of the many features that makes us the best dental clinic in Chennai.

Knowledgeable, State-of-the-Art care.

Dentistry is constantly evolving. We stay up to date on the newest breakthroughs in procedures and technology to guarantee that you have access to cutting-edge care. Our team understands the value of ongoing education and is continually working to improve your experience. Your dental health is our primary focus. 

Transparent Patient Education

You collaborate with us on creating your personal treatment strategy. We are pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have and provide you with straightforward answers. We also believe in educating our patients about preventive steps they can take in their homes to improve their entire oral health. 

Comprehensive Dental Care

Our objective is to offer you the best possible care for all your dental requirements. We can organize all parts of your treatment so that you always have access to a qualified specialist. 

Dedicated to your comfort

Every part of the environment is geared toward your comfort. We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful, therefore we have developed a calm, relaxing environment for our patients. We are here to provide you with the most stress-free dental encounter you have ever had. 

Our Treatment Results

Emax Veneer for Angulated Tooth Correction

Grossly Decayed Tooth treated with Metal Ceramic Crowns

Missing Front Tooth replaced with Crown & Bridge

Metal Ceramic Crowns


I did tooth filling and tooth cleaning in the hospital. Dr Prasad is one of the best dentists around Ayanavaram. His passion towards curing the patient's illness is really admirable. I highly recommend PJ dental. Thanks @prasad sir for helping me

Vigneshpackiaraj Perumal

P J Dentals provides excellent service. The doctor is very pleasant and thoroughly explains the problems and potential remedies. I completed filling for my child. He's all right now. and after they called to check on the patient's status, they asked if they were in discomfort or not. I Strongly recommended P J Dentals

Gomathy 14

We have been doing a routine visit for our family for the past 3 years. The best place to get in for all kinds of dental problems ...Doctor is very kind to patients and clarifies our doubts clearly ...staff are very polite. Especially kids feel comfortable with doctors...

Sona Shalu

My brother and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Prasad and his staff. He handled the teeth treatments with ease, and he discussed the issues and remedies in detail, which helped patients understand. Dr. Prasad is incredibly skilled and professional, and I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of dental care.

Karthik Raj

Very good consultation and treatment by the doctor equipped with advanced equipment mother was afraid of the treatment but the Doctor made her feel comfortable like she'll be okay and informed everything about the treatment and answered every query so patiently that made her to take the she completed her treatment of filling and root canal and felt very less pain post treatment were given and felt relieved... I'm thankful to the doctor and the staff here


I'm 100% satisfied with the treatment I have taken for the root canal. In only one sitting it was completed and almost i had no pain. So, no need for pain killers also... The doctor is very professional, and he had advanced equipment and he clearly explains what he is doing in our treatment and also explains even a small doubt very patiently.... I strongly recommend visiting the clinic for any dental problem.

Anusha Kada

I had my first ever tooth extraction here and to my surprise it was painless. Dr. Prasath work was very clean, and I didn’t have any post-surgery complications too. Same was the case with my root canal too. The process was easy and quick and of course painless. I was skeptical about the clinic at first given the pandemic situation and the hygiene, but now I am happy I did the right thing choosing Positive Dental Care. (PJ Dentel Clinic Ayanavaram )

Chefmallieswar Rao

I had visited recently in this hospital for my root canal treatment. It was a fantastic experience, and everything went very well. They have taken care of me very well from the beginning to the end of the treatment. The doctor and staff are very kind and soft. I will recommend to all my friends and relatives to come here for any dental related issues.

Shaji Kumars

PJ dentals is our family go to clinic for all dental issues. Dr. SRB Prasad has been most patient and most attentive especially while treating kids and elders. The clinic also does regular follow-ups so we don't miss out check ups. I would definitely recommend this place.

Ranjani Somasundaram